The remix of this song is coming out soon!

Kinda excited for a remix I worked on with Don_Cerati, who brought me on to this project. The original song is very mellow and chill, we did our best to flip it a bit and make it an upbeat dance song. I’ll post a link to where you can it once its release, but for now check out the original.

The remix project is in few stages, here’s part one for your listening pleasure.

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The BRONX Artist Documentary Project, Book Cover Concepts

The BRONX Artist Documentary Project, Book Cover Concepts
Shot & Edited by
Ignacio Soltero
A series of concepts and images that went into the making of the book cover. Nothing in the image was Photoshopped other than to remove the branding on the camera that was used to create the final image.

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My photo being used for the cover of the “Bronx Artist Documentary Project”

All I can say is wow, the project is finally complete and the book is printed in hard cover. This is literally for the books!!! I met a lot of interesting new people who were involved and featured in this limited edition book. But I have send out a big shout out to DANIEL HAUBEN & JUDITH LANE, this project wouldn’t be possible without their dedication to seeing it through and working out the details. And it was a blessing to be part of this ‪#‎Bronx‬ history of ‪#‎visualartist‬ and ‪#‎photographers‬ ‪#‎bronxartistdocumentaryproject‬

If you wish to own a copy of the book, you order it here. From what I know there’s only 1,500 books being printed and many are of them are gone.

BXADP Book cover

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I’m DJing at “BX200 VIRTUAL ARTIST STUDIOS @ TUFF CITY STYLES” Tomorrow (08/15/15)

Check here for the event info,

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Drum, Bass & Soultero, 1998, Side B

SIDE B: Made this Mixtape back in the ’90s when I was into Drum & Bass and Jungle. The recording was done straight to analog cassette, using only vinyl and no effects, other than mixer and turntable techniques. I used a lot of different records to create this mix, such as House accapellas, sound effects records and weird parts of different vinyls that aren’t Drum & Bass or Jungle related songs.

Funny thing, I didn’t know many people that were into it, except for one co-worker who hosted a Techno and Drum & Bass show over at Kings Borough College on WKRB 90.3, every Thursday night from 10pm-2am. I did a few guest spots, I even managed to do a couple underground Rave parties, before things started to getting shut down in Brooklyn.

The Mixtape was produced in a home grown studio of “Too Poor Motherf#¢kers Productions”, which was managed by me (deejaysoul) and DJ Loco (Gregory Antione).

FUN FACT: I use to go by the name “DJ Soultero” till I change it to “deejaysoul” in ’99.

Drum, Bass & Soultero, 1998, Side B by Deejaysoul on Mixcloud

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