My photos on ABC World News

First off, I would like to say Big ups to DJ Dwells (and DJ Dirty Digits & Scratch Academy NYC) for getting this interview with ABC World News. The second thing that I’d like to add is that ABC World News needs to do some fact checking, this type of DJing has been around since the 70s. They have presented it as if it’s a new invention. On top of that, they did not bother to credit myself and fellow photographer Francisco Reyes of for the use of our photos in their photo montage of DJ Dwells. Those images of DJ Dwells were taken during the 2014 DMC NYC Regional and US Finals, none of which were mentioned.

Moral of the Story:
I guess they forgot that the photos don’t take themselves!

DJ Dwells 3  DJ Dwells 2  DJ Dwells

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